Sunday, February 14, 2010

Countdown to Hatch!

Success! I bought 3 silkie chicken hatching eggs on Ebay from muki1234, a highly recommended silkie breeder from TN. The eggs were laid on Feb 8 and arrived on Feb 11th and set under Lily and Daisy the same day. Melinda (the breeder) stuck an extra egg in the box so my chances of success are even greater! My little hens were already broody and took to mothering immediately! They sit all day, leaving the nest only once a day to eat, drink, and poop. Since it takes 21 days to hatch, I am counting down the days. They are hopefully hatching on March 4. There's a countdown clock to the right so I welcome ya'll to join me with the watch! I'm so excited! If I get a chance, I'll post some candling pics of the developing embryos!

Update: 2/14 (Day 3) - three of four eggs are showing spidering veins! That means embryos are developing!
Update: 2/16 (Day 5) - Maybe it was wishful thinking. Two of the eggs showed embryo development.
Update: 2/16, 7:21pm (Day 5) - Candled tonight and ALL 4 eggs show signs of life!!!! I'm so so so happy!


  1. Looking at these two fluffy cute angels, my heart gets emotion ... aren't they so cute ?

  2. LOL I'm glad you think so. They are very adorable and are being very good mommies right now. The eggs are developing well so we'll hopefully have 4 new chicks at the end of this experience!