Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aquaponics! Getting there!

I'm so excited to get the media into the bins today! The two black tubs are my biofilters, which will accept the water directly from the fish tank. One is filled with 3 bags of black cinder and the other is filled with a 50-liter bag of hydroton. It could probably use another 10 liters tho'. Before filling the tubs, I sifted the black cinder with a screen of 0.25 inch hardware cloth and washed it. I just washed the hydroton.

So, generally, my setup operates in two integrated parts, in theory:

Part I, Ebb and Flow: Water runs from fish tank via 500 GPH water pump => 2 biofilter grow beds => through bell siphon (CTAHR-style) => sump => overflow returns to fish tank.

Part II: Continuous Flow: Water runs from sump via 250 GPH water pump => 2 white floating rafts grow beds => overflow from grow beds returns to sump => overflow from sump returns to fish tank. Note: the fish tank is not shown. It's located in the slightly sunken basement, behind the brown laths of the house.

Goodness, I really hope this works.


  1. This looks mighty fine, Joan! You are inspiring me to give this a try but with no construction skills, it may be beyond me. I may have to wait for the home kit! Good luck with the test run. Pauline

  2. One thing nice about aquaponics is that you can set it up as complicated or as easy as you want it. No special skills involved. If this one works, I can help you set one up! Anytime!

  3. wow that's cool! Good luck and am waiting for updates!

  4. Thanks Mariana! We will have to celebrate once I put plants in the ground ... err, soil ... err, soilless media.