Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Waste and growing my own food

I used to waste a lot of store-bought vegetables! Know what I mean? I'm sure we all have that browning head of lettuce in our fridge and are watching 3/4 of our parsley or basil bunch turning right before our eyes. Such waste!

Wanna eat fresh veggies, reduce waste, learn about the circle of life, work outdoors, be more self-sustainable, live a healthier lifestyle? Consider growing your own food! No matter what the kind of garden, as Martha Steward says, "It's a good thing." I have an aquaponics setup but I also have fruit trees (tangerines, papapya, star fruit, pomelo, etc.) and traditional garden beds and I'm able to pick only what I need, when I need it. Of course, I have to eat more seasonably, but that's part of the circle of life and takes some getting used to. Okay, I know I'm spoiled because I have to constantly fight the urge to demand what I want when I want it ... but that immediacy is just an artifact of the un-sustainable nature of our food system. I have to remind myself of that.

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  1. Beauty photo! Is that a red romaine? I'm thinking of setting up a small aquaponics system, too. Still, it's only on the "to do" list and fairly low on the list at the moment.

    Still, if we get the new house we are hoping for, then the fruit trees in the back yard will be covered! Add in a bit of garden, a small aquaponics, a new cute chicken coop (moving to town, gotta do cute now!) and we will have a little homestead just like yours! (Well, probably not quite as neat and cute, but we can try.)