Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shut out and shut down!

Lily is looking rather confused ... "NO CHICKENS ALLOWED!"

*fingers crossed*


  1. Ah, poor Lily! All that good greenery and nice soft dirt to dig in and all she can do is look at it. Still, if Lily got inside, it wouldn't take long for her to destroy the whole thing so guess she just has to suffer.

    A friend up here grows comfrey for her chickens to eat, although the root is fenced away so they can only eat the leaves that grow through the fence otherwise they would nibble it it death.

    But, hey! That's dirt farming! What about the aquaponics?

  2. LOL You should have seen Daisy who tried so hard to fly over the fence but couldn't. She looked so confused and maybe a little frustrated. I like the idea of fencing the roots! Aquaponics? Still going strong. See a couple posts before this one. :)