Sunday, February 12, 2017

Our chicken coop is in a calendar!

I'm very excited to report that the chicken coop I built for Lily, Daisy, and Tulip is featured on the cover (and the month of August) in Amber Lotus Publishing's Chickens and their Coops 2017 calendar! I think it is hilarious that my little coop sitting in my yard in Hilo, Hawaii made it's way to a national calendar. If you look carefully, you can see Lily's white butt in the picture behind the Polish chicken's tail feathers.

If you want to check out my coop build details, you can find it on on their small coops page. I call it my Cottage Coop. I chronicled the construction and suggested some improvements. I moved the coop to my new home and the chickies (Daisy, Duck, and Rosie) are still enjoying it.

Need a 2017 calendar? Consider buying a coop calendar! They are 50% off!!! :D

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