Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Egg to riches

From this ...
... to this.

The Experiment: Raise chickens from hatching eggs (i.e., purchased fertile eggs), sell them, apply funds toward feed and supplies needed to raise 2 hens for eggs. Goal: net input = net output.

The Result: Utter and dismal failure ... sort of.

The Analysis: I ended up adoring (*love*) my three silkie chickies as pets rather than commodities and the idea of selling them became very distressing and yes, there were many tears. I should have known. Already, 2 have crowed (roosters *gulp*) and had to be reluctantly rehomed. Buttercup has already been rehomed to a ranch in Kona and Camellia will follow this weekend. Sell them? God forbid! I gave them to a family with 13 kids that I know will give them a good life and love `em up and that was a good feeling.

The Lesson: I am not cut out to be a chicken farmer. Maybe having many will offset their uncanny ability to tug at my heartstrings but then, of course, naming them was the first big red flag. I guess I'll just have to admit my little silkies are my pets and I should just relish the fact that my pets provide me eggs for breakfast. Will I be hatching chicks again any time soon? Heck no! Well, maybe not.


  1. aw didn't know chickens could get so fluffy : )

  2. Hi Leigh, can you believe these chickies have gotten even fluffier? They are still very young in this pic. I'll post a pic of the one on the left. :)

  3. Next time, go with an uglier breed of chicken!

  4. Now, THAT'S a good solution! I might even consider eating them, then!