Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creating change one tomato at a time

I am so excited! My yard guy just dropped off this tomato at my house. He had grown it from seed that he had gotten from my tomatoes and fertilized his plants with worm castings! He was so excited about his huge tomatoes and brought this one over just for me! He even asked if I might share my vermicomposting worms with him cuz he wants to start a bin as well! It's so exciting to make a change in this world, one person at a time.


  1. that is awesome Joan, thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  2. Thanks Liz! My yard guy is rather old-fashioned and when I told him about the worms in my house, I swear he must have thought I was a little crazy. But I showed him my bin and after using the casting, he is a total convert! LOL He was so sweet!