Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aquaponics update - 11/27/10

11/27/10 - 6 days later ... The sprouts have come up! (I added the eggplant to the cinder bin about 5 days ago, on 11/22/10). Check out how big the cayenne chili and kale got!

cinder - 11/27/10 hydroton - 11/27/10

I transplanted some starts six days before, on 11/21/10. The plants are from KTA (curly parsley, purple kale, fennel); vegetables I started myself (Swiss chard, mizuna); and a couple basil starts that the guy at Ohana Greenhouse gave me. I planted the chili and larger purple kale a few days earlier. I also sowed some mesclun, mizuna, and Swiss chard seeds in the hopes they'll start and sustain themselves on their own. But really, it's jus' cuz I'm really lazy. Check out the pics above to see what the bins look like 6 days later!
cinder - 11/21/10 hydroton - 11/21/10


  1. now what happens to the worm poop now that the fish have taken over???

  2. Oh, I still use my worm poop for my in-ground garden. :) I have some long beans, green onions, basil, peas, and kaffir lime in soil. Plus, I snuck some castings in these grow beds ... worms included and they are doing very well! :)