Friday, December 30, 2011

Little hapu`u

I am finally in my "new" house and yes, I took this photo in my living room. LOL. I bought the ultimate "green" home. It's a great cabin and very homey. Most of it is made with salvage lumber and what you see is the result of my taking off 1 3/4" canec from the walls and 3/4" canec from the ceiling. Canec is pressed cane fiber impregnated with arsenic. So, you see why this was the first things I removed. The image is of the inside of the wall. Not a pretty sight but it's solid. The ceiling is now insulated and drywalled and I'm about to build a 2X4 studded wall and plan to insulate it with some R-13. That should warm things up quite a bit. That, and my new stove. :) I brought in this little hapuu (tree fern) from outside and it caught the light in such a pretty way that I HAD to capture the moment. It feels good to be in my own home. :)


  1. Mele Kalikimaka & Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

    Yay! New House! New Garden! How Exciting!

    What do Layla and Murk think about the new house?

    Next time you're over near Honokaa, we can compare new houses and visit with bunnies and things.

  2. Oh, hey! If you need any parts for your house, ask, we may have them since we aren't going to be building a house since we bought this one instead. So we still have all the parts we'd been collecting before but we won't be using them now. Need a clawfoot tub? Sinks? Windows? How about a huge glass front cabinet? Old plantation style and the sucker is huge.

    And, there is also a bunny show on January 16th if you want Layla or Murk to be in the show. It will be in Hilo at the Komohana ag place. Loads of details on the bunny website:

    How kewl on your new house!