Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chicken treats


I have yet to set up a composter at my new house so been sharing my compost with my chickies (and bunnies) and since I couldn't remember all the things I should and shouldn't give them, I'm putting the list here. I've indicated the ones that my peeps absolutely *LOVE*. If you have more suggestions, could you please leave them in the comments section? I'll add them to the list. THANKS!

Great treats: mealworms*, cracked corn*, fruits (watermelon*, tomatoes, papayas*, apples, pears, etc.), corn on the cob, greens and vegetables (cut grass, lettuce, kale*, cabbage, green beans, carrot and beet tops*, celery, spinach, etc.), cooked items (oatmeal, eggs, pasta, breads, etc.), fish (fresh parts or cooked), milk products (yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese, etc.).

Don't give these: citrus, avocado skins and pit, raisins (the seeds are toxic; some might argue they're okay but I don't just to be on the safe side), raw green potato peels, salty and oily things.

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