Monday, December 13, 2010

Aquaponics fish tank - golden tilapia

Dinner, Lunch, and Jack (the one-eyed tilapia) are doing well amongst the minion. I'm sure they get the best morsels too.

If you're an aquaponics nerd, you might find this info interesting ... pH is 6.8, ammonia is negligible, nitrites 0.25 mg/L, and nitrates 15 mg/L. I dunno the dissolved oxygen but I use an airpump and airstone. Oh, and the PVC pipe with holes that is running along the bottom of the tank is part of the pump, drawing off fish solids (i.e., poop). It's been really effective so far!
My fish tank is 100 gallons and receives the overflow from the sump. The pipe to the left is the overflow drain so I don't flood my downstairs when it rains hard.


  1. Thanls for the pictures and info, good to see more folks getting into this, I am just starting , will be ordering thwe 300 gal version of what you have. All the Best

  2. can you pls send me more information on your fish farming.As i want to start one now

  3. Hi... How big did you make the holes in your pvc pipe? Interesting... Have you tried compost worms in your sump pump?