Saturday, December 11, 2010

Aquaponics update - 12/11/10

The aquaponics system is finally equalizing and the little buggers have the nitrates and other nutrients they need. The veggies are doing well and the little sprouts are about as big as the ones I started separately and transplanted 2 weeks before! Seeding the beds directly saved me tons of time and the seeds seem to have set at the right depth, which means the mizuna and collards won't fall over like the others! Check here to see the beds two weeks ago.Whoa, is there enough space to fit everything? Prolly not but I'l cull as we go. However, I think the system should be able to handle the close proximity. With the roots bathing in nutrients, there would be less competition, right? It's all theoretical now so I'll be interested to see how things go. I'm so stoked about the mizuna. Just the idea of having it available year-round is worth the effort of putting together this system!
The deep water culture beds are doing well too! The watercress is finally picking up speed and so are the ong choi and mint. Click here to see the beds two weeks ago.
I'm so glad that my lettuce are doing what lettuce is supposed to do!


  1. Kewl!-)...What did this cost to set up & where did u get all ur materials/supplies?-)

  2. Hi Randy, I am still in the process of tallying up the cost but my goal was to see if I can do it rather inexpensively. Most systems seem to run around $2000. Mine is only a 100 gallon fish tank so it's kind of small so I expect it will be less. Most items I got at Home Depot. I got the net pots and pumps from Ohana Greenhouse so most can be found locally and are readily available. Thinking about setting one up?