Thursday, December 23, 2010

Long beans

I also have some crops growing around the house, including this long bean, setup next to my compost bed. The soil around the heap is really rich and full of fat earthworms so I knew it would be good for beans. I started the beans from a pod from a bunch of long beans that I got at the farmer's market but had gone to seed before I could eat it! It's nice to know the 4 seeds have turned into large vines that have produced enough beans for several meals already. I saute the beans in garlic, oyster sauce, and hot peppers and is a delish combo with a hot bowl of rice.


  1. Jo, you're my idol! I need to invite myself over to get some tips on canning-aquaponics-chicken & rabbit rearing-yarn spinning and more!

  2. Hi Amy! You're always welcome at my house! Come over soon so you can help me eat my veggies! :)