Monday, December 13, 2010

Joan's aquaponic setup

33 golden tilapia, 12 cayenne peppers, 11 kinds of veggies, 5 colorful koi, 4 grow beds, 3 collard seedlings, 2 electric pumps, 1 timer, and a flower in my eggplant treeeeee! Happy holidays everyone!

More requested info: pump in 100-gal tank runs @ 500 g/hr (runs intermittently, every 2 hrs for 30 min but only twice after sunset for 5 min), pump in 40-gal sump runs @ 250 g/hr runs continuously. Since I live in Hawaii, the system runs year round. Cost of system (plus fish and plants) is in the $1000 range. I'll post more accurate totals once I figure it out. (Updated, 8/18/11)


  1. I love this diagram of your setup. I experimented with Google SketchUp a bit for the same purpose and found it to be as exhausting as putting the garden together in real life. =] You have a very lush, well organized arrangement of grow beds and such. Nice!

  2. Thanks! I used Powerpoint to do my diagram and it wasn't so bad to put together but I'm sure Google Sketchup is much more sophisticated.

  3. This is a very good illustration, can you also post the water pump rates, whether you operate/store thus aquaponic system during the winter typical costs.